Caring for our dog during the summer

This week in naturebrain we leave some tips that are going to come in handy for the care of our pets this summer


Beware of heat stroke:

If we have a long-haired animal either a German shepherd or yorhshire highly recommended haircut, summer thinks your not wearing winter coat, for the animal well, animal thank you., Hairdresser cost 15 €, one electric machine 20 €

Besides helping you to not be so hot it makes it much easier when you can find fleas and ticks, summer is when our pets catch these pesky parasites, cost 0 €

Keeps your pet hydrated, especially not worrying even a time of enjoyment for us (I can ...) cost 0.1 €

The days of intense heat in which we love to take a cold shower, the animal too, even wet it with the hose in the house of the people, animal appreciate, cost 0.1 €


At the time of travel:

Carrying insurance and documentation of our pet (papers, immunization records, passport ..) above, costs nothing take it and put in the glove compartment of our vehicle, cost 0 €

Bring the dog well anchored while travelling, either by a certified transport by a harness, price 50 € certified transport 20 € harness



A good flea necklace is not enough however much we want to sell our vet, you should reinforce it with other products, for example the use of pipettes, flea spray, price 30 €,  we can last for several years


Leishmaniasis a collar does not work, can help but it is not 100% effective, there is today vaccine disease which first applied and then every year only a booster, cost of the first year 120 €, cost 20 € each year


Dogs should eat I think, even a little extra, never give leftovers ... but life has been made ... when our dog is old and we avoid unnecessary veterinary expenses


If you do not know the destination or have never been there keep your pet watched, you know you can get to eat off the floor, cost 0 €  we can expect to save unnecessary expense veterinarian


Advised vet check before going on holiday, cost 20 € in addition to the peace of mind and have the animal



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