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The world of the aquarium is an exciting world, not only for the number of species and new things we can observe and learn, but to keep the mind occupied a passionate hobby that makes you free your mind from the daily problems here if we Luckily we'll worry about thinking, how breed shrimp aquarium?

We must be careful, otherwise you end up with a house full of aquariums in every corner, and thinking about a myriad of tropical fish and invertebrate aquarium. Sure is easy when there are prawns vitiated red, green, blue, yellow and even miniature crabs we do not want to stop to expand our facilities acuariofilias. Soon killiroom think of one.

Well, we hooked up, now let's see how a few simple ingredients assembled with something that will serve to mount a farrowing in our aquarium, a separate species, couples, etc ... sure to each one the idea and helps you in one way or another.

Look how easy it is to take advantage to a DIY aquarium as separator tanks. The use that we are going to give is separated into breeding season aphanius eggs and other species for adults do not eat them.

We will need:

Cable duct, mosquito net ...


We measure the aquarium, we just take the screen mesh with the edges, look this aquarium outside the month of May will be full of white Medakas fry, so be hope.

As usually the fry are small we have the double mosquito net, anyway in a while will filamentous green algae and even sift more just the odd fry will slip ... maybe hopefully survive.


In the first picture, you can see the result.

We can also use a small separation to put water flea, Daphnia, which bacerias filtered water and other things, plus small fleas from sneaking off the fish will be a perfect complement to the diet of our fish.

Greetings to all the aquarium.



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