Why dogs...?


As humans we have a highly developed sense of touch the dogs that have more developed sense is smell. They have a sense of smell 40 times greater than the human smell, it is not true that all dogs smell the same, there are breeds that have developed smell more than others and some of these races are: Basset Hound, Beagle, German Shepherds... The so-called hounds, hunting always used, while other breeds such as the Chihuahua yorkshire or do not have that smell as developed


For a dog smell is like the DNI to humans, they recognize that animal is treated or if a bitch in heat around for the smell, smell the urine and excrement of other animals and know how to identify that 'buddy' is .


There are dogs that are used to search for people after natural disasters, search for explosives or drugs by the incredible smell they have, the most used are usually German Shepherds, Belgian Shepherds, because they also are animals that have a high agility and strength.


Why dogs sniff the anus?

Dogs have a gland in the anus with which emit signals to other dogs, show dogs most dominant all its smell while trying to hide it less dominant


Dogs dreams? Don't hesitate yes, we can find an animal sleeping and give off some bark or cry, this confirms that the animal is dreaming of a situation that ever lived.


Why dogs swim?

Dogs have an innate instinct to touch the legs moving water that makes swimmers of their own.


Influences smell that a dog is more dominant than another? Not at all, there are dogs that can have a big nose but not at all overbearing, and small breed dogs such as a yorkshire that are very dominant. An example: I have a 2 year old staffy weighing 20 kg and my mother in her home a 11 year old yorkshire barely 1 kg. When they meet the yorki starts marking territory with urine small to note that he is the boss, besides having cowed the poor staffy ... 



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