Tylomelania sp.

elephant snail, Tylomelania sp.

It's a snail from Indonesia, on the island of Sulawesi.

He likes sandy, you better keep it in aquariums mean granule gravel or small to enable them to move well.

These snails are used in aquariums to be with sulawesi shrimp Caridina cardinal, who seems to be they are more comfortable with snails in your area.

There are about 30 different species and sizes colorful, yellow, brown, red ... Its size is great for aquarium snails are used, around the 8 to 10 inches.

The most important thing for these snails is the temperature of not less than about 25 ° C. They find there way up to 30-35 ° C. The parameters of the water to give them tend to mean water, PH of about 7 and hardness of 10, but very different variables acepataran parameters.

They are respectful of the plants, if we invertebrates they feed the same as we give our prawns, besides forming algae in the aquarium.

We can not distinguish males from females, as no sex differences. Vivipara is a shell that will give birth to litters of 5 mm in size if we have several copies at a time we should see young specimens prodente our aquarium.

Greetings and encourage you to put some in your tanks.