Dogue de Bordeaux


His impeccable betrays orange undoubtedly one of the best breeds of dogs that exist, that if not suitable for anyone, you need an active person to play with.

At birth typically weigh about 3 -4 kg, of little over 6 months old can weigh around 30 kg, but as adults weigh between 65-70 kg, petite eater ... When adult requires between 750-900 grams of feed daily. It has a short, fine coat, orange or mahogany.

In this race I love being in company, very special with the company of children to play with it, and watch dog.

Despite its size about 70 cm from the withers to the ground, almost 70 kg and with its powerful jaws is a very quiet dog, curious and docile. A very easy to train dog, playful with other dogs, but sometimes can be wrong with dogs of the same breed, especially with males. To his great height is an animal that moves very slightly, always ready to play, even as an adult

Their average lifespan is about 10-12 years, normal-size dogs, being a large animal needs a lot of exercise, hence not suitable for sedentary people, at least one hour a day of exercise if you have in a flat, if the animal has space to run and play much better.

The main problems that this animal is usually hip dysplasia, common in animals as heavy, with good veterinary care this problem can be corrected at an early age, also gastric torsion hence is not recommended for this and for any another race to feed before going out to exercise or immediately after making it.

There are plenty of farms, if you're thinking about buying one and saving an animal healthy and in good condition can cost at least € 1,000, if you are looking pedigree prepares around 1500-2000 € that may even exceed 3000. To this I added a sack of 14 kg every 2 weeks, but veterinary costs ... not a cheap dog to maintain, so you know, think very carefully before buying one.

And they say that this breed is dangerous:



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