Aphanius mento

Aphanius ment is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful aquarium fish that can see, your ability to adatación climate and make it a very easy species to keep and breed.

I can not say that is because it is known that there Aphanius amateur ment in aquariums all over the world. Although it is native to Asia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. In the photo of this article you can see a copy d Euna Israel populations, but do not know what ... almost is not important to enjoy these beautiful ejemplare.

Due to its location is highly recommended that you keep copies are pure in terms of population are concerned, they have copies of Zengen, we only keep and breed this population together, maybe this is the last way to keep different copies of a population and other.

Maintenance is easy, as all systematic aphanius and it is recommended a pond outside where endure almost any temperature and will now be played naturally, but an aquarium a minimum of 60 liters also allow us to make our first steps. We collect eggs in floating mops and introduce them into other containers or farrowing to prevent the adult to feed the fry. After about 15 days we will see fry will feed on Artemia nauplii, grindal and food on sticks if used to it.

In my experience there is a high sexratio of males over females, something to consider, since males are somewhat normalemente terrioriales and only one or two of them will show their colorful livery, the rest will show as you can see in the photo.

As you can see is a very colorful species and grateful. It is sometimes half-jokingly referenced as poor's cynolebia, but I assure you it has nothing to envy. While it is true that cynolebias are another fantastic world.