The elephant, Elephantidae



It is the largest land animal that lives on our planet, is an animal with lots of memory, it is not because his brain weighs about the 4-5 kg can weigh about 10,000 Kg. and grow almost 4 meters height. They reach speeds of up to 50 km / h in the open, despite its enormous weight are excellent swimmers like hippos

They help with its trunk to take food, take herbs and shrubs and tree leaves, not in vain can eat every day around 200 kg of vegetation.

It usually are alone animals if they are not annoying but can have aggressive behavior if they feel threatened, their tusks, ivory coveted by even may reach three meters in length, are the only teeth they have and they begin growing environment at 3 - 4 years of age, they love roll on the mud causing a sort of protective layer to insect bites

The gestation period of an elephant is 22 months ALMOST 2 YEARS!! And at birth typically weigh around 120 kg, usually whenever a baby is born, it is very rare to see parity: 2 pups, females reach sexual maturity at age 9 while males at 11 years and can reach live up to 70 years.

They live in large herds of up to 100, when an elephant feel that you will get your order is separated from the pack to die alone.

There are 2 large elephant species, the Asian elephant and the African.

African Elephant

From grade rule more than the Asian with ears 3 times greater than its Asian cousin, his large ears can weigh 40 kg each, have excellent hearing, both species use their ears to cool and beat the heat.

They have much more temperament than their Asian cousins

Asian Elephant

This in many parts of Asia is used as a load, usually have them for transporting logs, many of these feed on bamboo.

It can become tame, in fact all we see in circuses elephants are Asian elephants