Swamp fishing

For fishing enthusiasts undoubtedly calm sea fishing is very different than sea fishing, let's focus on fishing in marsh.

If you do not want to be poachers and deliver a financial penalty must obtain a license, we can do online (over a period of 3-5 days we will have in our home) or at any bank accredited community depends on each autonomous and prices range between 20 and 40 € per year. The truth is not worth the risk to pay a penalty even higher at 3,000 € and you remove the equipment, in addition to the money you contribute to provide funds for the maintenance of these places.

We have already armed with our equipment, rods, reels, hooks, flies ... Our bait, hard loaf that we all have at home and add yellow dye to make it, there is someone who tends to take some form of liquor to to soak, others carry a can of sweet corn salad, other live bait like worms ... Now comes the hard part, but not that hard, fishing is not an exact science, it is just for a commercial to sell the same in three days do not sell anything, and on the fourth day you can get 3 or 4 sales that day, in this world it's the same, we can go any day to fish and come to us with empty hands and a cold top.

To go fishing it is best to take the fridge with our nice cold cola, our snack, water bottle, sunglasses and enjoy a good fishing session.

In a swamp can fish for carp, catfish, trout, black blas and with a little luck we'll even be able to catch a catfish (dependent areas in the Zaragoza abound much more than the Levant), in addition to finding some another snake (most are usually not poisonous, there is much more danger on the mountain suffering snakebite)

We take precautions, always be accompanied or located, a bad slip can cause a crash and fracturemos us a bone or a sprain Let us also be careful if we are in some kind zodiac boat or inflatable raft in a simple, when is hundreds of meters from the shore can be difficult to leave, and more clothing, but try to swim with clothes, the fatigue is much higher, also be careful of going barefoot in the swamps unfortunately ends much crap running, bottles glass, rubble and debris may cause some other court to consider, when you are in a boat in the middle of the swamp air currents can cause the boat to tip over and end to soak ...

But above all, as in real life is to have a finger of consciousness, not bothering anyone, have a good time in the company if possible and respect nature.





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