The Iberian pig

Spain is synonymous with ham, where in the world is best eaten in Spain, that there can be no doubt but Spain is the largest global exporter of hams.

But to whom we owe our merit, because pigs (if any are in Spain, but many, well we will not focus on this topic ...)

Spanish Pork, when we talk about pork there one that is the most coveted 'Iberian pork', it would be in Spain without the pig ...


As they say in my village pig everything is used, the front and rear legs to shoulders and hams. His flesh to make derivatives as deli meats or just ... By seize prey to the guts with which then made rich meats, to say nothing of the blood used to give color to a rich black pudding ....

The nose and ears that although at first glance to be a little unpleasant if they are well roasted on the grill are a great snack while you prepare an excellent carvery meat and vegetables (a trick, wash and leave the day before spiced with bay leaves and some sprigs of rosemary 2 lemons squeezed, it will penetrate into the meat flavor when grilling and having what they call commercial added value, in this case an added flavor)

What more can we say pig, although its name indicates dirt, rich which are then chops ...

Currently its production has been increasing due to the crisis, where before they ate lamb or beef has now opted for something much cheaper like the pig, but unfortunately as it happens throughout the globalized world it is not pig farmers who have seen more money, the money is taken by the intermediary, its value varies between 1 and 1.5 in € the kilo, then butchers and supermarkets we can find even 5 times its initial value.

For years now farmers are opting for direct export to several countries, one that since 2007 China opened this market allowing exports of Iberian pork, we are talking about a potential market of about 1,300. 000,000 million people ... about 26 times the Spanish population.

Finally have a look at this pig pasture and how well they live very guttural.





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