Dwarf red crab

Cambarellus patzcuarensis

Here again we have a wonder of nature in miniature, increasingly our invertebrates are catching freshwater fish. It really is a selection of wild variety color, we can find crabs and red dwarfs really nice. Males are much more intense color.

  Their size ranges of 3'5 cms, not very big, no good for us sautéed crabs ... females are slightly smaller and have less off color.

If they can turn around very easily sexarlos in the picture below gives all the information necessary for a royal couple.


As seen the female has the pleodos much smaller holes and the female genitalia is in the first legs and the males in the last, even so the eye is also very easy sexarlos.

We keep them at home without any problems, endure temperatures between 5 º C and 35 º C, and a better alkaline water conditions, but will not complain if we lower the pH slightly to also have prawns with them.

They are a little more aggressive with each other Cambarellus species, which is why we create separate areas within the aquarium and provide hideouts and holes in ceramic logs and canutos thus we keep several males and females together in one aquarium .

Your alimentanción is simple, are scavengers, omnivores, so they will not averse to bring them anything we want, if we prepare a slurry varied gladly eat it, just as we can use prepared meals, flakes, spirulina, frozen foods like brine shrimp, larvae worm, Grindal worms ... what we want to put them.

At temperatures above 20 º C will start the party, it will appear that the male attacks the female but is doing something very different, we will soon see a female full of eggs and tiny crabs to drop when you are ready to start their lives in the freshwater aquarium.

They can be kept with fish, do not do anything, unless the piece of food that will remove not catch anyone. Likewise 100% tolerant vegetation, you can rest assured that they will not prune the plants with their claws, these crabs have not seen dwarves do that.

Greetings and encourage them.