Are rabbits good pets?

It seems that lately more and more things gives us rare. The animal world markets try to awaken our itch to have a pet if or if ....

It would be something like a book, turn to page XX and never over until you find your ideal pet.

Do you like parakeets? No ==> Do you like fish? No ==> Do you like reptiles? No ==> rabbits, dogs, cats, shrimp, insects, mollusks, amphibians ... there is no end ... and we love the truth, we are left with everyone.

Well, after this little reflection if your choice has been or is about to dwarf rabbit you must know some things ...

. - Live 10 years, so do not think that the rabbit is for a few months ...

. - It is soft, but not a dog ... hahaha if you catch her up is easy to leave you a little present as a lump or a bit of liquid ...

. - Rabbits bite! If, as you hear, you should put him on and watch him check, also with bad milk, do not go with nonsense. If modositos forts become more ... but you Would you like to castrate you caress?

. - Son composting machines, if you have plants, better than tengais many ... because in the end you are not going to know where to put so much ball, every 2 days thou must clean their cage so they are well.

. - You have to clip their nails because they grow, as you You do not short ones?

. - They like to chew, their teeth are always growing, such as squirrels, so do not let him near the foot of the table, because that leg is eaten. So will homecinema cables behind the sofa, on the phone ....

. - We must take them to the vet. If the vet has to put them vaccines, deworming, heart hear them, etc ... complete analytical hey, just because of being a rabbit not excuse you from this.

For the record, We love the rabbits and that is why we want you have in the best possible condition, so buy some responsibility because pets are not for a month.

One last note .... toys are not as we thought ... in his pocket did not fit, keep in mind that they are sold in stores that kits kits and eat, grow ... cockroaches same thing but with a rabbit.

Greetings and care of your pet.



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