The donkey

While in Spain unfortunately today we can find more than one must not forget that this horse has for decades helped to prosper the economy of this country.

As formerly was called 'the horse of the poor' families at home had horses and were used primarily for agriculture in times where there was not even a tractor or other modern means were used for transportation and different tasks as tilling and plowing of fields and also as a means of transporting goods.

Today it is very difficult to find a donkey (equine say because in Spain we have thousands ...), there are some associations throughout the Spanish territory dedicated to protecting this species, unfortunately today largely forgotten in this country in which many donkeys abound, especially in high office, but we will not get into this as we all know our country walks.

There are countless stories and legends about the Spanish donkey:

That is bologna made with donkey meat.

That donkeys are aggressive (the odd yes, but not exactly the equine species ...)

They are stubborn and nothing obedient, I think quite the opposite, in small family had one called 'espartero' pearl whole animal, in the end the poor thing ended in a protective in Segovia

They are animals with long memories but her name means the opposite.

Some species of wildlife donkeys in Spain:

This donkey who knows all of this abounds in inhospitable places like offices and public places, is a very clever animal type, all the know ... But really knows nothing, this is rather silly family, silly him fool his father, his uncle silly, silly named his cousin ... silly.

We also have the donkey that goes unnoticed, actually this is the most knowledgeable of all, no one goes unnoticed is fixed in and doing much always right.

The donkey is involved too, this usually is usually always end badly, usually ends sometime wrong...

The donkey who listens and wants to learn, this character always see a book or paper to point, not that it is foolish, short pencil and paper is better than a good memory ...

The donkey that always escapes, this is very clever..., this just gives everything just does the minimum and you can not expect anything more from him.

The donkey plugged, this is a character as they say in my village 'well born' life has settled, can not do the O or with a joint but there it is ..

I hope you liked it ... In the next installment we'll talk about vulture, another species that increasingly more abundant in this country.