Small Crab

Cambarellus diminutus


Increasingly our aquariums are being invaded by beings of the strangest, here we have a crab just 2 inches, a true delicacy of color, in fact, as is starting to raise a large scale and hobbyists aquarium invetebrados freshwater are many new mutations are popping color ... school will make sure this crab for many.

Cambarellus diminutus or tiny crab, his name has earned its size, 2.5 cm in females and 2 cms in males.

We keep them at home without any problems, endure temperatures between 5 º C and 35 º C, and a better alkaline water conditions, but will not complain if we lower the pH slightly to also have prawns with them.

The nanoacuarios are a new aquarium, should care, because many live in apartments and there is difficult to have a super aquarium three hundred liters, so about 10 liters or more we have a couple of these mini crabs.

It is very important that we equip the aquarium hiding, holes and spaces so they can make a good move unmolested, just aggression between males will likely to have each defined territory and blood does not come ... the aquarium. Surely a fight will end in a crippled leg, but fortunately for them they leave again. It should be noted that this is not normal, because the species is fairly tolerant diminutus, however not pazcuarensis are more radical in this regard and there will be many more fights between them.

Your alimentanción is simple, are scavengers, omnivores, so they will not averse to bring them anything we want, if we prepare a slurry varied gladly eat it, just as we can use prepared meals, flakes, spirulina, frozen foods like brine shrimp, larvae worm, Grindal worms ... what we want to put them.

Its price is quite different from some other stores, we can find from 5 to 10 euros per adult ejemplare, if we buy a group of fry can get them cheaper, we can always resort to some fans that we share with other species, it is also feasible .

Reproduction is very simple, we are fighting seem to be ... but no, not this kill, are copulating. After this act the female will carry the eggs and then larvae until they are developed enough and loose, leaving our mini aquarium full of crabs if anything really diminutus ....

Good luck with them, are wonderful.