The danger of ignorance
Lycaon pictus


The Spanish proverb is very rich and very wise ... I can think of several for this photo ...

- Curiosity killed the cat

- Ignorance is very bold

Which of all most suitable. To date the company suffers genuine fascination with the exotic, when more rare and exclusive ... better.

Look what I did see a biologist friend some time ago when we saw a list of animals that were available to an importer ... sale had African Wild Dogs.

And the truth is that it does not happen in life, happens in a second .... Imagine an animal with a dog's face, body and dog ears dog with a few years of evolution and genetic trail that has been taught to hunt deer by example and live in one of the harshest environments in the wild ....

What will happen if you have that dog in your house and is a visit? Or do you miss when you take the car? Or do you see a dog in the neighborhood?

This really is a dangerous species if ... This leaves blanket the pitbull, the staffy ... this if it is a veritable killing machine 100% aggression and savagery.

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 The Lycaon is the best hunter in the world ... here you have complete information