Care frightening ....

His ability to change pajamas has become famous world renowned for his mimicry with the environment.

The chameleon is one of the rarest animals in southern Spain have recognized this even with danger to the common chameleon, Chamaeleo Chamaeleon, is the only one in Europe. In southern Spain only present in a few points as in the natural park of Sierra de la Muela, Cabo Tiñoso and Roldan near Cartagena


It measures about 30 cntimetros, is adapted to life in trees and feeds on insects that captures their language, we all have this recorded in our brain really hard?

The chameleon is provided with a stereoscopic vision, as you know the chameleon can have one eye looking for sevilla basin and one for ...

Its color is variable from gray to green, depending on their state of health, environment and breeding season.

Normally lives in bushes and trees, but the ground floor where it moves slowly. Its activity is diurnal and way to defend themselves is incharse depreadores and open mouth.

Solitary and territorial behavior toward their fellow man.

For ovoviviparous reproduction Escaba a hole in the ground where the female will deposit from 5 to 40 eggs during the month of October and hatch the following summer giving way to a new generation of chameleons.

We expect this to continue and so we can enjoy these animals forever.

The title of the article said "Care frightening ..." and is that the chameleon is present in garden areas inhabited by humans and can camouflage as they pass by and not realize, taking you a scare if you turn your head to the side of a tree and the 3D image of the chameleon nitida becomes ... Congratulations if soys able to see and enjoy this fantastic animal.



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