Grindal worms

(Enchytraeus Buchholzi)

When we have an aquarium at home, it doesn't matter if it is big or small, either if we keep guppies orcichlids, it is very imporant that we bring to our ichthyological fish the best conditions in terms of habitat, water parameters and feeding.

There are some very famous worms, when you known them, many aquarium enthusiasts use for the following reasons:

1st. - Life food

2nd. - Cleaning

3rd. - Easy

4th. - Availability


For those interested in grindal worms, it is very simple, you only need a small corner where having a tapper or two, as I purchased. The temperature inside our house is perfect for these critters with which we feed our fish, usually between 15 º C and 35 º C. When the temperature is higher they will go much faster when it is lowest will raise less, eat less ... metabolism speed will decrease.

Equipment needed for growing grindal:

. - Tapperware

. - women socks

. - Glue

. - Peat or coconut fiber

. - Water

. - food for cats, dogs, sausage, fish sticks ...
(What you will have available, some people will put up ham ...)

Cut off in a square container cap where it will stick to the sock letting air flow


Where do we get the peat or cocunut fiber?

Coconut fiber is the size of a brick, it is pressed, you can get in the stores for plants, stores that sell maria and also in pet shops, it is used for terrariums, cost is aprox 2 and 3 euros per brick.

you can get the peat in the stores for plants as verdecora ... a bag of natural peat, without fertilizer, cost is about 5 Euros,it  is a large bag, you can also use it as spawning fiber for some fish like as Austrolebias, Nothobranchius .. .good luck with them,they are very beautifull.


Let's continue with the process of preparing the culture, we have the tapper with the hole  and the lid with adhesive, now only remains to put moist peat, but if you put too much water nothing happens, it is not a puddle , if you put too much water add peat and re mix.

After all this, we dip croquettes of dog or cat .normal ones, although some people say that if they prefer reds, greens ... as the proverb says , when I have no meat... I eat everything. I prefer wetting the croquette before because they eat it better.

One day after preparing the culture

4 days after preparing the culture

Almost finally, put a few worms on the croquette and in a few days we will have full of  worms then just take a few ones and put them to the aquarium, even if you place peat nothing happens and if either drops some kibble, our snails will give a good account of it.

Frequently asked questions:

Where do I get worms? you can get them in aquarium forums, ebay, milanuncios ...

What are these white spots? Grindal eggs do not throw away the culture ...

Fungus? Throw it away and make another one
What are thos big worms?
Throw the culture and make another one, Flys.... This happens hardly ever, so do not be scared.

I hope you feel encouraged with these worms, your fish will thank you.