The animals market

In life always this yin and yang ... or whatever it is. There will be many supporters and many detractors. The truth is that animals coexist with humans, unfortunately for them are their worst predator, but that's just a posture of the pyramid animal.

There is an extreme fondness for the relationship with animals by humans, whether dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles and others. And as such there are all kinds of derivations of the relationship with them, such as playing a breed of dog, keeping in simulating their natural habitats ... whatever it is, 100% of us have had, have and / or have pets. Markets in animals under my view only promoting the availability and promote interest in the breeding of many fans.

If it is true, we should not confuse freedom with licentiousness, everything has a limit and that there should be more checks and I do not mean like making apple snail ... If we can not know which species is problematic ... the forbid all!

Like everything else, the fans are not the ones we load the systems on a large scale, but those who are paid, eg Aphanius iberus and Valencia have problems, because of habitat destruction, contanimacion, invasive species .... solution ... ban ... and that can not be taken into an aquarium ... in order.

To which I wanted to go to places where we are gathering and exchanging animals get:

. - Partnerships type we like, for example if the birds:


. - Markets face as is the case Mercafauna in Spain:


. - Exchange websites


Thanks to all of these places offer is opened and enjoyed some species other than just football.

Wellness is the best investment we can make, and who does not feel good petting her dog.

Greetings to all and enjoy the nature at home.