Cooling system for aquariums


As every year, the heat can wreak havoc on our fish and prawns, not work hard we can see how our aquarium thermometer reaches 35 ° C sometimes even more, depending on the area you live.

This is a real soup for our fish and shrimp, not only by temperature but by other aspects that come together, it's like the saying of hunger and appetite. Turn up the heat, everything goes much faster, before the food spoils in the aquarium, the reactions are catalyzed by this factor, lack oxygen ... something that can be fatal, so think about taking some measures to control temperature and favor some other aspects to suffer no loss of our fish and prawns.

1, the lid will withdraw our aquariums, with this will improve gas exchange and evaporation of water by increasing temperature. If our fish or shrimp are jumping ... Ideally then make a small frame with wire mesh to prevent them from ending up in the ground.

2nd improve oxygenation, this what we can achieve by introducing an aerator or a corner filter, bubbles will oxygenate the water to improve the welfare of the tenants in our polls.

Then I leave a small article on how to make a biological filter to get home to the second objective:

Homemade biological filter

3rd Clean water, as we said before everything is increased by the time factor for the effect of temperature, therefore, it is highly recommended to increase the amount of water changes in the aquarium with water camaraderie and good they will be much better, each Once you do a water change is like giving them a break, I would recommend a couple of times a week, while we can reduce the amount for this.

4 If a computer fan installed on the surface of the aquarium, with a system that actually costs very little we can lower the temperature up to 5 degrees, which appreciate our fish. In any computer store you will find helpful the fans of which I speak, simply adapted to connect to the electrical outlet and leave the frame above will suffice.

We wish few low heat in the aquarium this summer.

Greetings and good summer.