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In species with no apparent sexual dimorphism, always be a headache hit couples. Luckily, in the Japan Isabelitas when we hit a couple tend to breed very well, in fact, are the quintessential breeding. Not for nothing have been in use for a long time as nurses.

For over 30 years I have heard stories birdlike race of all kinds, so that I will share with you all and I hope your society finches sexing even easier for you.

The list of methods have several possibilities, which of all more fun ....

1st. - Front view of the Peak, this method could serve for other species ALSO ... The explanation lies in the picture below:


2nd. - Top view of Pico, similarly as above is also used to sex lonchuras and other birds, but it is easy to see. The explanation also goes with photos:

3rd. - Opening of the tail, this method is very funny, the theory is to take a society finch with your hand, if you it opens the tail is a hen but if the tail is closed it is a cock... for now I could help with photo explanation, hope it's not necessary.

4th. - Sing, this method could be defined as the method par excellence, the most used by all breeders, when he starts singing society finch is that is male ...

5 °. - Sing + female, this method based on the principle of provocation. Is to separate the birds individually and catch a female insured. When put in the same cage with a copy this female unsexed, if male, 90% chance of success that he starts singing and then would spend the four-point method, which is 99.9% reliable.

6th. - Sing + bath, this method says that if we put our birds tub after bathing males sing .... While each has his methods.

7th. - Pendulum, I really like this method, if we will need males if males and females need to give us females. Sure many already know him, used to pregnant women sometimes say it works better than an ultrasound ... Well, the question is that we take a pendulum and if it turns sexing is male and if it goes up and down in a straight line is female ... I recommend you not anybody much money on pendulums.

8th. - Speaking , it is said that females ... "society finch" are chirping all day .... and males do not, will they talk to their neighbors.

9th. - DNA, this method is as reliable as the method of singing, but not free.In any case, I recommend the new trend in sexing birds with very low prices, http://www.sexadodeaves.com/

10 º. - The method of irrefutable proof, if they laid eggs, 99.9% are female then the margin of error that could have, anything rare.

11th. - Position of the eye, this method is also quite old, is the bird's eye position seen laterally, the best guidance is the picture below:


12th. - Sex-linked mutations and dominant, as no 11 without 12 while publishing this article I've fallen in that there another method is that using eg mutation INO or mutation PEARL, if couples are: Macho INO CLASSICAL and female, all children are CLASSIC split for the mutation and all daughters are mutated FEMALES. The only downside would work long-term disposal of males always have mutated.

At this point, where just this article, we'd like you to share with all other possible methods, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Greetings to all the aviaries.