Cous-Cous Preparation for breeding of exotic birds in captivity.

Baby well fed, to be seen under the skin the greasers and belly full to bursting. That's what we all want to see when we are in breeding season. The secret to success is what we give to parents to primed to clutches. One of the options we can offer is the Cous Cous with pasta-breeding, and other things ... Hoping not to bore you too to those who have mastered this aspect I will try to explain the process that you can follow some very simple, I hope it is more useful to a breeder.



In breeding season is very important to our exotic birds accustomed to eat what will be the power base of their young. We all know that not enough seeds we give our birds to feed their young properly. One of the most important aspects to consider is the moisture content of the food. You can notice in the dry skin of chicks if parents give only seeds or else give the pasta breeding, have healthier looking skin, if you think this would be the word. Another major advantage of using breeding pasta is about the viability of management of any element we want to supply, whether prebiotics, vitamins ... and yes, I agree with whoever wants to, it would be advisable that all this came to these swish naturally small, but ... What do my isabelitas canary breeding in nest?.
And like to say that I'm raising are Isabelitas Exposure of Japan, in the clutch of the previous photo I think two of them are Bruno mutation gray or gray Red and two Black Bruno carriers, the first of the season!

Well, on to what I really wanted to tell you, as we prepare the food for breeding. Need of:

1. - Cous - Cous
You can get couscous in any supermarket. Digital cameras have the advantage that costs just take pictures, so here's a picture of the box:


cous cous

2. - breeding patee (breeding patee I use yellow)
Again you will be able to get a lot of varieties, brands and types, Utilize the best you come, I could spend spending this like any other:

pastra de cria vincipasta de cria

3. - Tabernil breeding (1 out per pound of pasta)
We strengthen natural defenses and we prevent disease risks, many times the bird gets sick is that is weaker and it is no coincidence, surely causality. What we will do is mix 1 kg of pasta with breeding canaries Breeding Tabernil 1 envelope.

4. - Vegetables lyophilized
Positions to take, because we will take. Many times, because it will occur more things to sell, and one thing I am quite sure, would buy everything.
I do not know if it will be enough vitamins, tell you the truth, I wish someone would explain it, I promise to maintain and modify this article if I comment on it, but vegetables do not think that hurt ... What we do is mix some vegetables ojímetro breeding pasta. Here's the photo:


verduras liofilizadasmezcla

5. - Vitamins
And now the vitamins and supplements, these are the ones I use one hand AD3E, I put for 3 consecutive days before start and then every other day one day and another day vitamin B Protovit, the latter available in pharmacies for our children and birds.


Well, since we have everything ready we can start, we take a bowl and put water 4 seed, then put a few drops on what we manage, and finally 4 seedlings couscous. That is, we put the same amount of water to couscous and we waited 15 minutes, if we put the warm water of the microwave is done before.

cous cousmezclar

cous cous cria

Once the couscous has absorbed the liquid add about 3 tablespoons (to taste too) breeding pasta which had prepared and we remove all leaving the couscous and pasta all sueltecito, so our birds you can eat well without problems. end-product
Finally we just need to prepare seedbeds and make it our exotic, the results are unbeatable.
Personally I think, and not just the Isabelita of Japan as I do, but any exotic bird species both as finch, canary, parrot small size, etc.., If we manage to eat well this food, we will have taken a step very important in the successful reproduction. As I said earlier, whether a domestic species, such as Japan or Isabelita zebra finches, or want to raise a Yerbero of Cuba, or Cryptospiza monteiri, if we go through here on the right track, because we can also supply food Live or frozen (buffalo worms, pinkies, mealworms) also mixed with this food.
Well, thank you very much for reading these lines, for visiting and participating in www.lonchura.com and I hope you enjoy many good breeding seasons. My email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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