There is a new world to discover ... not long ago discovered this small species and was amazed by its color and characteristics, the truth is that I would not mind have a couple of them.

There is a world more beautiful photo nThat!, Right? before telling anything about this miniature gem I'll show you a video that I really like.

That last, I hope soon to tell here own experience and a mere compilation of my little studio to accommodate my new best tenants, because sooner or later get, not whether it will be in a store acuariofila in Aquabid or through some friend breeder, but we'll get to them.

The first place to look is the wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pygmy_sunfish

We inform you that is between 3 and 4 inches, I like, are suitable for my aquarium fish, unfortunately I can not accommodate large African cichlids in them, maybe someday we can expand our facilities.

Seriosly fish says nothing ... seems that the species is not yet exploited in extremis.

The price seems to be around 12 Euros per issue, are not cheap, but neither have a hobby too expensive, if not for us to add all that we spend ...

Finally a good link where to get some information:


The most interesting of this fish, after his majestic colorful are the temperatures that are comfortable, 10 and 30 º C, it means that we can enjoy them in temperature conditions which we find ourselves at home, without heaters.

For the rest, everything is simple, its origin north america, North Carolina to Florida, alkaline water and 30 liters aquariums up.