Oxygen pills to hatch annual killifish

A little trick to hatch imprescinible annual killifish.

I never remember if killies killifish or write in any case it does not matter now.

The annual killifish eggs are those whose killies requiring a period of diapause for birth. In nature usually it coincides with the rainy season, when the raindrops crashing into the ground. At home we can not always reproduce this situation, so to avoid the "rampant" feared we can do 2 things:

1.- wait for rain and then get into a cuvette our mobs with eggs to hatch.

2.- The recommended and used by all, oxygen pills.


Here I leave a link where you will get in ibercan, 8 euros for 50 pills, do calculations to use half a tablet or whatever you need for the volume of water.

Recommended is a good column oxygen-rich water, you can use the jars for espagetti.

Species with more rampant trend are Austrolebias, hypsolebias, papiopelbias, notholebias ... and other strange names, but I will recommend using pills for everyone, even nothobranchius, damage not going to do.