Homemade insect traps

The first thing to think about is that we want to capture bugs ... think that if there is one fly in the house ... is not profitable to make a trap, gets a newspaper or a rag and kill her.

Traps are useful to capture bugs when available in significant amounts.

For example flies on the porch, where there are many who will not let us live.

Mosquitos on the terrace, which fill us with pecks ... no sense to leave the windows open house without mosquito nets and put a mosquito trap.

Flying moths ... when it's hot if played will be hundreds ...

Well, think and do this little reflection that will help us understand the bug or insect we want to capture.

Now we think ... What is your medium? walks the floor, flies, stands on the leaves ... and the objective will bring to our trap container.

In this way we can capture any insect or bug that we raise.

Bait is very appropriate, because thanks to the can take the desired location, but will power a fig on a fig tree to pick figs eaters ...

Good luck with your catching ...