How to get killiefish eggs

Killifish have something special, something that makes them unique, and this thing are several things.

One thing is the exchange of eggs among hobbysts, you pass me this, what else, all aquariums full of fish ... and more aquariums and aquariums in the end that's what matters. We will not focus on other information in this post unless egg sharing between killifish fans.

As fond of killifish often do you feel isolated if it is true that many aquarists, but it is also true that many do not have a clue killifish and see them as too complicated fish simply have a different perspective. For this reason many times, you see only in this world, but then you get to a website where fans from around the world meet, Aquabid occur. Where I know there are many more things, but where only have entered the online auction killifish eggs, I leave the link below.

From this website you will find helpful Nothobranchius species, Aphanius, Fundulopanchax, Austrolebias ... well, it's not a world without end, but a wide range of possibilities.

Like everything in life, surely there are people who seem this is not good, to put this auction eggs, I think it's the best thing that can happen to these species, because they encourage the exchange, and removes exclusives and abuses.

I pictured here some eggs that I bought and sent me from Germany ... What will be this specie?

In the end I promised, here's the link: