Walk your dog without hitches

Those who love to get out and run away when we have a little time with our dog to enjoy it when we are indoors you tie the harness and when he sees that we take the belt (that means playing out on the street, as they are not ready or anything ...) once it gets revolutionized and happy ...

The problem comes across the doorstep, if the dog is Chihuahua Yorkshire or no problem with the Yanks, but if it is a large, young and energetic pulls sticking animals are not recommended for anything back.

However well we have used the animal, when you know you will always put out happy and do not care that pulls. It is best not to give much away from the animal to us that those steps that leads us ahead to gain momentum and provoke that pull so detrimental to our back.

A dog leash usually measured 1.5 meters, if for example we have a staffy or a German shepherd, or any other medium breed between 20 - 40 Kg., Pulling out of control this can cause back injuries, more if down the dog cold (unheated joints or muscles), when we came down the street noticed the tug, then we will make the walk and it seems that the pain is gone but when we return home and the body cools, we have the Caught pain to the ribs.

Those first three steps the dog and Gains Momentum is the problem of pulling in dry, to prevent possible injury exist straps with a spring at the tip dimming Flip animal.



Veterinarians recommend this type of straps because they go very well for walking dogs with lots of energy, along with the passage of time and the spring wear will be taking greater flexibility which will cause dim again be a whole enjoyed the walk to our animal without having to endure the annoying and uncomfortable jerks.

Furthermore they are not very expensive, this type of nylon straps that are can cost around 5 , plus occasional save unnecessary pain back.

Finally, if you have a dog that does not have much power do not bother buying this type of straps, but if instead your pet when you go out for a walk gives many try it pulls, certainly notice the difference and your health will thanks.




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