Here you have the stupid thing of the century ....

Here you have the aquarium geeks, geeks, geeks ... with 3'2 liters still has room for alarm clock, thermometer, calendar, alarm ... this is a chollazo has light screen, filter included. ... The fish will not be very happy at home miniature chalet, but that equally, it is imporant to have the most geek gadget of the year. If you have someone you can think of buying this aquarium, it must have an egg of people. Is much better than not your fish, you put some prawns because they will be better than the less fish. You can take a look at this website you have some interesting items: www.naturebrain.com

Well, after all, not so cheap out this miniacuario, about 35 Euros with that wing ... we can almost ride on home one of 30 liters and enjoy more. Although aquariums nano or zen aquariums are fashionable lately this is already passed, with the risk of having it on the table next to the computer, as we neglect out electrocuted and better count it your backups per day, lest that hard discor casque by surges in the network when the alarm sounds ... lol

For the record, I would love to have one of these on the table right now and turn off the lights and see my shrimp in there, but it is very unfair to use this to have fish to last more than 3 or 4 days there, also in photo van and put goldfish. Damn !! now that I look, photoshop often spent with these tents I suppose that siquieran were in there when the picture was taken.

Well, for you to know that these things exist and there are people who buy ... I attest.

You do not think that all the gadgets will be good ...