Having a giant snail as a pet

Have you ever thought about having a giant snail as a pet?

This fantastic tropical African snail, Achatina fulica is amazing as you can see.

Eye, which is listed as one of the most harmful invasive species in the world ... that curious addition is prohibited to have it at home, so if you have it better not bring forth a walk.

Its shell can grow to 10 cm and if you stretch well we see a spiral of almost 30 centimeters.

It does not require much special care, except cleanliness and good food, as we know snails eat it all ...

Now I'm going to finish the proposed article so that you are going to head.

Remember that it is forbidden to have, but if you are determined ... still following you will quickly dismiss the idea.

They carry bacteria and other diseases, so it is not advisable to touch with bare hands, any wound or scratch, even a stepfather could be an important source of infection and high end problems ....

Should not eat, so shun a good paella if you see snails Achatina fulica.

But still and all, beautiful, right?



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