Ovoviviparous female with gonopodium

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In a small tank of 30 liters I keep a small group of Girardinus metallicus, I can not quote its common name, is not suitable for all audiences, but we could adapt as they have it black.

No prey on their young, as you see in the picture a few weeks fry life appears.

The curious thing about this photo is that in my first breeding tank there were only 3 females, when they reached adult got together with 2 males do not know whether before or after, because he had not appreciated appeared a male with size of female, colours of female and male gonopodium.

After consulting with experts in the field conclusions are that it is a female became male, a female sex change.

Although not functional, in fact males also courted even attempt intercourse until they find the surprise, they are seen in the eyes of fish that something is wrong.

It is a hormonal problem, although I have not really fallen off the chair to do water changes, really. It seems that many females secrete too much female hormone and that is why this female has changed sex.

It happens when there are no males in the same aquarium, maybe just be a natural mechanism for aquarium to decide who is the fault and of course, will be the "male".

As last data, everything seems to be back to normal in a few months and hope so that this female offspring Girardinus metallicus leave us in the aquarium breeding for other fans.



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