The Tibetan Mastiff

I saw this picture and was amazed. Is that a dog? It seems so, a Tibetan mastiff, but nothing is further from the normal Mastiffs Tibet, a race that neither looks like this giant of great shaggy head.

As in all things, what matters is not handsome, but seem so ....

If you want to sell a litter of dogs, Do not put an ugly picture, put a well pretty picture, that is what will attract attention.

And now about the Tibetan Mastiff.

Where does the race?

As its name suggests this breed is or is native to China, where the breed was refined for use in childcare tasks monasteries.

How Tall is it?

It's a big race, but not as the initial picture .... its maximum size will be about 70 centimeters, which is something the truth, if we measure that big dog mastiff.

What colors are there?

The most common colors are black, but then come to red like the first picture, to mixtures of red and gray, gray, brown ....

How much does it cost?

Not a cheap dog, for now the demand does not seem high, something almost important for the race, because if it becomes fashionable ... my personal view I think it's the worst thing that can happen to a race, he is made more harm than good. We can buy a Tibetan Mastiff puppy with 1,000 euros.

Is it a dangerous breed?

If you do not annoying .... is not considered a dangerous race, but a dog daycare, brave and responsible, better not bother ...

Does it have special care?

Like all large breeds, we should pay attention to issues of overweight, turned stomachs .... and some hairdresser.

Something interesting about the Tibetan Mastiff?

His bark is considered unique, and ensures pure bloodline of this race.