metallic substrates

When you set up an aquarium ought to choose either the substrate that you use ... always, my recommendation is an inert silica substrate type.

Some time ago I bought a particular substrate a lot out of your aquarium to put another prettier different ... but what is not figured in his day was that these porous volcanic rocks that for the purpose of my purchase were "seemingly perfect" then they were going to turn into a headache.

You see, a neodymium magnet with the stones get stuck, just one explanation, its composition has Iron and why are magnetized and my magnet out of a hard disk stick.

I used this as a filter gravel filter material corner, you record an error in principle my fish were great, but not both neocaridinas shrimps, I finally replaced by ceramic beads and perlon, apparently everything improves.

Thank ferrous substrates plants and fish gives them the same, but this does not happen with invertebrates.

When penseis an aquarium is jinxed, plantead any difference from the rest, sometimes the obvious is not until the state passes blunder.

As ultim recommendation, if you have doubts, do not probeis to see what happens, according murphy ... go wrong.



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