Micropoecilia picta RED

Micropoecilia picta, these small viviparous not so common.

I've been lucky enough to enjoy them, they are a bit complicated "guppies", at least for me.

Water conditions, alkaline with weekly updates and many plants ... everything was fine, breeding females did not preyed on their fry, but are extremely aggressive towards each other. I am not speaking of aggression as cichlids, but extreme heaviness. Males are continually pictando the belly of females and dominant females do not want near other females ... the result is that many individuals end up dying cornered in some dark hole looking for a truce to rest and recover.

Currently I still have 2 males and 1 female, all brothers, I hope withstand until the good weather and can raise these precious viviparous out on a cube a little bigger to eat live food, sun and tranquility.

For now I will not see again in listings importers, so we may have to wait a bit and do better next time.

Although small fish are not suitable for shrimp, but I keep them in a group and take Cambarellus pazcuarensis category.