Rasbora uropthalmoides


Just recently made me want to keep some dwarf rasboras with prawns, so I thought the brigittae ... Rojitas, small and beautiful.

After agreeing a lot by a professional came tiny transparent fish color ... and I knew they were not brigittae, but after a yes, no ... because I brought them home.

These proved Uropthalmoides rasboras. After a few days of acclimatization, grindal and microworms started to brown. They really are extraordinarily beautiful rasboras, if diminutive size also give faith that do not touch the shrimp or the smaller, because the put with a yellow he had in good esteem and everything went great.

They are very peaceful fish, quickly approaching its ration worms are extroverted until you get the photo camera, when they disappear ...

Do not reach 2 cm in size the adult specimens are smaller than a Neocaridina gamba, so is the ideal companion aquarium.

As in many other species and occasions .... sexarlas is quite complicated, because according to your mood are more or less color and after a good helping of grindal worms all have a big round belly flesh colored.

For playback I entered balls of moss java past few days I switch to another aquarium with the same water conditions and with a little luck after a couple of days begin to tiny fry that need infosurios and food extremely tiny appear to start to resemble a small fish.

It really is a species that I recommend and hope that the podais enjoy sometime if ye have not yet been able to have a chance.

Its price is really low, are fish that rarely reach the 2 euros price.