The 50 rarest animals on the planet

We started 2015 with a list of strange animals, the rarest you can imagine. Furthermore, accompanied by a fantastic video with 50 weird animals and you can spend a few minutes apasinada fun.

Turtles 2 heads, really Siamese turtles are fairly common, but never survive, this seems a montage ...

A monkey the size of a thumb ... perhaps a little cria.

A lizard with hammerhead, because if it is rare that ...

Fish these are really ugly ...

The axolotl ... is also an animal, it's not really weird.

A turtle with spikes, spiked a snake, a lizard with spikes ... this is quite normal, are the thorns, these animals are very normal.

A shark, an insect seen close ... is a funny video, but some things are normal, just curious photos.

Well, judge for yourselves and Acordaros leaving a comment on our page, thanks.