Added extra calcium for our birds

Without going too far and toil away money with eggshells can bring an added extra calcium for our birds, whether chickens, pigeons, or just canaries.

What we do is take advantage of eggshells, just the shells of eggs, before breaking the egg will wash away dirt you may have to remove any bacteria it contains.

What we do is very easy, leave the egg to dry, low humidity having once broken leveraged its interior, a day is more than enough. In a kitchen mortar trituremos the shells until they are very small and the result is almost dust, we do very little to be easily mixed with food.

Add about 10 grams of eggshell per 100 grams of food (with a chicken egg have for 100 grams of food) the average weight of a chicken egg is 70 grams of which around 8-10 grams correspond to the shell.

This simple supplement bring an extra supply of calcium and almost 100% of the eggshell consists of calcium carbonate, which help form a strong skeleton and a whip peak the bird.


You see that little tricks is not difficult to get extra contributions and 100% natural for maintenance of any bird.