Beginning with the germinated in feeding birds

I had heard long ago this technique but until a couple of months ago I had not ever used, together with a friend we pigeons (a couple of them messengers and 4 pairs of Valencian buchones) until recently always gave the same (commercial food preparation supported by hens cracked corn, peeled and crushed peanuts and peeled some fat intake pipe especially in winter). All this came to be about 16-20 € / month in food, it must be said that the pigeons are in a chicken coop and food dropped, food 5 hens bite, it is what it is ....

Following the birth of a pair of Valencian buchones chicks two months ago, I started with the sprouts in your diet once chicks fed alone, adding germinated, around 50% of their food was basic food + germinated in the own basic food, pigeons have to see how they are, there are a couple more of Valencian that are removed just eight days, which is not being given the mix with the sprouts and there is a huge difference with just eight days each other.

Using this technique have removed the peanuts and so far I'm doing well, saving me a place to go to buy it is time I can devote to other things, plus I save a little dough does not hurt.

We would appreciate if anyone knows of any financial technique that wish to make us leave a comment at the end of the article.


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