How to make a homemade pond for birds

A 25 liter bottle
A plastic rubber
A union of drippers
Decorative stones
Hutch fabric
Two blocks
Cost around 20 €
It's simple, connect the hose to the 25-liter bottle by attaching droppers and don the rubber, put silicone around the edges to make it tight (though with droppers binding is sufficient)
We clean the surface of where we want to go the pond, make the hole to accommodate the water below the pond shall be the end of the hose and out through a hole in the fabric of the hutch.
Then fill it with cement always leaving the tip of the hose surface and placed around the pond to our selected birds from landing and drink or bathe stones, let dry a day and fill the carafe to fill our small pond home.

Here some photos:

Just need to cut the gum so that it is not so long