The 5 keys about dog hygiene

Hygiene in our pet should be essential and must be maintained throughout its life must become a daily habit and to do that we offer some tips

Brushing: We can use those 20 minutes in the afternoon where we got our dog to the park or give away a lap to pass a brush, avoid many hairs at home, while three minutes, we will avoid having to vacuuming or buy a vacuum cleaner robot that costs about 300 €

Haircut: Depending on which race is not the same a staffy a yorkshire, long haired dog requires greater care to avoid tangles, get wet and then smell bad, summer cut solution space and the animal will be cooler also avoid tangles in their fur.

Ears and eyes: The ears should be clean and free of dirt, infections and thereby avoid unnecessary expenses, like eye dogs with long hair should always clean the bottom of bleary eyes from occurring and thus will improve the health and appearance of your pet

Teeth: Farewell to tartar, a mouth cleaning an animal can cost us € 30, if we maintain the habit of cleaning every two weeks, either with a brush, with a piece of stale bread we will save future problems

Shower: Generally, to bathe our dog once every 2 or 3 months is enough, very important to choose a good shampoo for pets, we are talking about only 3 € and we can last a year.


With these 5 simple and practical advice we will be able to retain excellent hygiene for our animal, costs little and we can save an upset tomorrow.