Dog, body language of fear

The dogs are scared when manifested in an obvious way, and if we know what to look for we can prevent worry more and decide or face biting other dogs or people.

Some dogs tend to mask their fear expressing safety and courage, but inside are terrified, others choose directly from the fight ... The observation of signals from the tail, ears and body gestures is indispensable to decode these signals and provide precise measurement what feels our animal at that time.

Some signs:

Ears back, retreating posture, tail between his legs, stare, you may notice the whites of the eyes, is a symptom of fear, usually they are prepared to take to start a fight or flee

Sitting for the animal, eyes wide open, quick gasps indicate stress and insecurity and fear

Find shelter, find your preferred location (cage, house, under a chair or table, alert ears and eyes open also indicate fear and insecurity

State defensive, elongated jaw teeth bared, ears back, head up, loud barking, indicates fear of a possible aggressor and a warning to try to evade a fight