Chamaeleo Bitaeniatus, White Chameleon

Walking through the Web we saw this fantastic specimen of white chameleon.

Apparently it's a chameleon more, but it has something special, give birth to live young ...

It is a species with a captive maintenance tricky, as it needs nighttime temperature drops, even so we could easily simulate it with a programmer. Temperatures should be around 26 ° C during the day and drop to 17ºC at night. Beware of warm summers, temperatures above 28 ° C could be fatal for them.

Its size is around 20 inches, so it is a kind more or less of a small size, so a terrarium 100 liters would be enough to keep a copy or a couple of cria, endowed with vegetation so that they can be camular, humidifier.

When we say before giving birth to live offspring is not that it is a real viviparous, ovoviviparous species is a really loose the offspring when they hatch, the female carries the eggs in the belly ... and when the time comes the offspring break the shell and birth.

Undoubtedly it is an amazing species that we will make sure your terrarium a special place in nature.




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