Osmosis Aquarium

I recently had to let go of my osmosis system because I could no longer have him in the tub taking up space I needed, now thanks to ibercan discover a very interesting option, a small compact box that can be anywhere. A team of 3 stages that can be reused to give my fish the best water quality.

See that features:

The Osmo Box 150 Aquatic Nature produces a maximum of 220 liters / day of osmotic water with a pressure of 4 bar and a temperature of 18 ° C.

With a pressure of 3.5 bar the Osmo Box 150 produces 150 liters / day.

The package contains:
Active Carbon Cartridge 10 "
One sediment filter cartridge 10 "5 micron
1 60 GPD TFC membrane (1 gallon = 3.78 liters)
1 plastic box to keep everything orderly and capping equipment. Screws for wall fixing are supplied.
Hexagonal connection for tap water with 2 O-rings, ball valve and the inlet and outlet pipes.
Accessory includes a gauge to determine the water pressure on the network.


Every situation in life is an opportunity for improvement.

My previous osmosis system had a production problem of high water, the day ... I used to get 30 liters of water, ie practically had to have it plugged in day and night, but the osmobox, even at low temperatures gives me great more water production, I think it's a unique opportunity. Do not get a team of these features for that price.



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