Cambarellus patzcuarensis

The aquarium is changing, are opening up new opportunities and different visions of our hobby and freshwater crayfish are a window to freedom we can find in our aquariums.

Originating in Mexico, although massive and bred selectively to meet demands of aquatics sector, Cambarellus crabs and color selections are still one of the essential species aquarium.

These small crabs Mexico freshwater plants are respectful of others and tenants of the aquarium, so we do not lose the opportunity to enjoy.

As always, before making any kind in our tanks, it is important to know the references of water parameters in which we keep for not ragging.

pH: 6.5-8

KH: 2-4

GH 5-10

T °: 23-25 ° C

If you have hard water in our supply is best to use this water, previously treated for chlorine and chloramines, we always use prime, when we used other brands ... we've had problems.

In conclusion, hard water for crabs, nitrite free and metals, metals and invertebrates do not get along.

The crabs have claws and although they are "peaceful" can be somewhat territorial with other males, even some females can cut pliers and attack any fish if it is small and near, for this reason it's give the aquarium a few caches that we can practice with ceramic tubes, pvc pipes or broken pots or bricks.

Breeding is fairly simple, they are not excessively long-lived species, with an almost annual cycle or a little more, about 4 months and will be able to play, it does happen when the female molting. The eggs of the female lead in the legs until they are needed to be released from the mother to the adult specimens exact appearance size.

The selection of a pair of breeding is not complicated, in this famous photo as you can see clearly differentiate


Getting these crabs is sometimes not an easy task, normal aquarium stores do not usually have available, but thanks to the internet there are specialist shops and high quality that we provide the best specimens without having to move, receiving them at home directly. Our partners have achieved in the online store, plants and shrimp with excellent treatment by Javier, the contact person. Do not hesitate to write if you have any doubt, then be delighted to help you:


We hope you enjoy these beautiful Cambarellus much or more as we are doing now.