Something curious about snails freshwater aquarium

The things one learns from reading, so yes, you must know how to interpret, for a while now ... if you're reading a book decuidas having 30 years !! and that many years.

In this article I wanted to speak on freshwater snails. Years ago were so insignificant that any species was considered "Limnea" without taking into account that only in Spain and there are over 60 different species.

Anyway, to me this is not what matters most to me.

Many times, no Do you have seen in a simple irrigation ditch many snails on the walls? I really have always caught my attention, but that's just what we have with them, ATTENTION !!

Mainly for two reasons:

1º.- Liver Pain: This phrase, which seems to have been written by my grandmother, is neither more nor less than a disease that causes necrosis in the liver. Until his motive was discovered very many sheep were dying for this reason and the cause was that the dwarf Limnea transmitia caused the disease ... and thankfully never will catch snails of that ditch.

2º.- blood Parasites... Many species of aquatic snails are carriers of blood parasites tramatodos, even those hazardous to people ... so although it seems a harmless and funny snail ...

Who ensures that these Planorbis and superreproducción not be the beginning of the destruction of the entire human race?

In any case, better to have them close to the enemy, so I have my chubby aquariums these bugs.

Seriously, even if the information is real, I hope you will not be scared of a simple spiral ... I do not think the eat raw, neither drink water from your aquarium ....