Want to know how to raise a Affenpinscher?


The Affenpinscher is a small puppy (Four kilos maximum weight, is a pocket puppy!), But is full of energy and has a vigilant and anxious. This is a very active animal that barks, jumps, spins, moves, is like a small and devastating tornado. Also not the most obedient and submissive dog, which makes their training much more! So how should you educate an Affenpinscher?

A affenpinscher restless nature is very excitable and a large amount of energy. We should note that at the time to educate you: it means that because of a capricious personality and sometimes even dominant, we feel the need to be very strict with him, more than you would.

Like many small dogs, also called "lap dogs" had a use as rodent hunters ... but its wider use, its true origin, is only one: to be pampered, whimsical and adorable. With its small size and manner becomes excitable dog that everyone wants to pamper. But beware! We can not do without. There is no worse mistake to educate a affenpinscher to give every whim that we can imagine. You have to earn it ... and be irresistibly adorable is not enough. Although it is difficult to say no to that face and those lovely doing somersaults, think it's for the best.

The affenpinscher not consent to it is hit or yell, only accept a firm owner, very confident and never give budge. You see, if you decide that your dog does not rise to the couch, do not you ever allow. Simply, if the leverage is a weakness to become the master of the house, and you must remember at all times that you are the boss. Otherwise it will be a disaster dog.

In short, what should you do? Educating a affenspincher not so different from raising a blue heeler, a Belgian shepherd or a bull terrier. Just make sure to be very firm and safe, and above all, consistent. If so, it's like this every day, every hour. Do not let their adorable appearance makes you say, "Well, just this once rises to the couch." Mímalo, but not too much, and certainly not when prompted: only when they deserve it. Here's how affenpinscher get a perfectly balanced and polite.

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Marcos Mendoza