What thinks my dog?

To all who have a pet dog would love to know what you think or because they do what they do. But have yet to invent a machine translated barking, crying, etc. So, what can we do to understand it.
The first will examine closely our pet, and watch what they do in certain situations, that way we can try to anticipate wrongdoing, feed them if they are hungry, and know if is sad or happy. It is also good to do so especially when they are with other dogs and this will begin to do so when they are puppies and start socializing with other dogs.

Something that would also be good to us and we bought and read some books about dog behavior, or to educate them. There are also specific books on each breed, which we explain the characteristics and behaviors of each animal. Although we must keep in mind that almost all signals are made between them are the same, it's like your language.
But undoubtedly the most important of all is that we treat them like children, but as they are, dogs, live happily that way and you will notice.

You have many books concerning the behavior and education, as the leader of the pack (Cesar Millan), does my dog thinks? (Gwen Bailey), trains your dog positive (Jaime Vidal), at Hispanic European editorial you can also find one specific to each race. Here are some books you can read to learn that our dogs think and why they behave a certain way.

Hope you might help.


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