The very venom blue-ringed octopus

Also called Australian poisonous octopus, inhabits the seas of New South Wales, Australia.

Physical characteristics
It is a tiny octopus, not exceeding 25 cm with tentacles deployed with a maximum weight of 500 grams, its blue vivid colors showing when feel threatened at first sight indicate danger, and it is no wonder, venom this little octopus can kill even a 20 humans.

Like many octopuses usually hunt and feed on small crabs, small fish, shrimp and prawns and a small lobster. The way to attack it has is immobilizing the prey by its small but powerful tentacles to bring one blow with its powerful beak and tearing their prey, sucking them inside. At night they are more active during the day.

Females from birth are condemned to death for being mothers annually are fertile and reproduce, the female spent more than 6 months without eating, just to care for the eggs until they explode, when she will die and give way to a new litter. The rare set time exceeds 50 eggs, of which not all are fertilized by the male.


The powerful this cephalopod venom can kill a person in minutes, biting with its beak injects a neurotoxic substance whose main component is the tetrotoxina, which causes respiratory failure and paralysis, organs are paralyzed, worst of all there is no antidote for this poison, you can only try to keep the victim alive by cardiopulmonary massage and quickly remove to hospital