A big dog


It is always known that the big dogs get more attention, either because of their race, their appearance, or simply because it's what you want ... but you may regret later when you have a bad behavior or is very dominant and can not be in control in the same way that one of smaller size is great and just as strong for some becomes an impediment to educate them, unfortunately there are people who give up throwing in the towel and abandon these animals just because they can not control the situation , because it is large and blame the dog for their faults when they (the owners) to be applied correctly the dog training.

You should be aware that having a dog is a responsibility that will last all he lives, accompanying us throughout our lives. Sometimes not just about education, we must go through the motions of dog training and this includes several bases, as ...

A balanced meal, take him out as often as necessary, to be a large dog also needs its rides are longer, have more energy in the body and must spend. Of course they also need their resting place ... are large animals and have a space, a size and a treatment that is not the same as a small dog. You must ask yourself if you will be able to give everything that involves the responsibility of having a large dog. Obviously any kind of dog you have to give follow dog training, for that no matter the size, but if for example in the necessary quantities of food and has been appointed as a bit of space above.

You should study the breed of dog you want to take home and can condition the space and what is necessary for that dog, as a herding dog does not need the same as one that is hunter, the important thing is information.

All races are different from each other everyone has their way of being, behaving and even his instincts are different. If you have everything you need to have this dog, ask yourself this question, do you really want a dog in my life? Think you have to walk it at least three times a day, be patient, be disciplined as well ... you know how to use dog training at all times because it is the pillar and foundation of having a dog healthy and educated. If you look really prepared to have a large animal, go ahead! You just have to be consistent with it, small are all really cute and adorable, but they eventually grow ... and they do not deserve to be abandoned just because they get older and become great, you must love him as he will want you.

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