The dingo, the wild australian dog

It is a typical region of the Australia, also named wild dog.
They are usually solitary animals, although we can find also gathered in flocks of few individuals, usually less than 10.

Physical characteristics
There is no standard of dingo, specimens may reach 50 to 65 cm, males being larger than females and can weigh between 25 and 40 Kg. Their fur is usually yellow, light brown spots on chest and legs, snout is elongated and dark, resembling a wolf, possess potent feed teeth hunting, not as domesticated dogs eating feed)

These descendants of the wolf usually mate once a year, like wolves do too and unlike domestic dogs can have puppies more than once a year.

They eat everything from small animals such as rodents, rabbits, birds they even get close to people rummaging through garbage, as do wild boars (a clear example can be seen in Barcelona that descend from the surrounding Montjuic mountains for feed on human waste)

No pets are in themselves, although there are dingos that has been domesticated since puppies and they can live in a home, most of which can be found are not 100% pure dingos because they have been crossed with domestic dogs.

Should never be fed, even if they seem friendly dogs are wild animals, there have been attacks on people but they have not been fatal. 


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