Aquarium Mesh Filter Guard Fish Shrimp

If ye come to this article looking to make a homemade rack to the filter input and save small fish and shrimps I'll just leave a link, next, worth 1.85 Euros as at home, so it's not advisable to do nothing home , and put it after buying.


As you know the shrimp when they are born they are very small and if we have a filter system to our powerful aquarium we inadvertently suck small and large prawns, so the best solution is to put this little gadget for aquarium filters.

There are people who put a mesh, another sponge ... I put them until I found this link now aquariums use them, go with these and work great.

Whether shrimp racks as breeding aquarium fry either endlers, discus, or other killifish.

Hope you might help.