How to make a dog bed

Bed, futon, covers, trundle, cot, mattress or blanket. ... Call it what you want, but our dog needs a place to be and relax.

In online stores or on the same corner Chinese store we can purchase this useful for our animal, but ye shall have determined that such product is not cheap.

For a dog of medium height, as it can be a boxer, staffy, german shepherd. We can find this type of product is not for under 20 €, to even get to 150 € (it is cheaper to buy a mattress of 90 cm)


To build a homemade dog bed we need:

Fabric: The can be purchased at any department store wholesale, buy when we can choose a type of thick cloth that will withstand more friction to walk across the floor, this may be ideal for the winter while the summer with smoothish fabric that will transpire the animal, is much cooler. Cost of the two fabrics, less than 10 €.

Filling: Foam is the most economical solution, but if we have to hand nothing happens in any eco park will be able to find a sofa that can remove, or just a couple of old pillows. Cost of foam, less than 5 €.

Zipper: A pair of zippers feet long can go for less than 5 €.

Now we just need sew each end of the fabric and sew the zipper, if we are not home sewing machine, nothing happens at grandma's house all have a sewing machine or if you can not take someone fabrics seamstress it will cost us less than 5 € that we sew.

So for less than 25 € (maximum) and have a couple of cushions, futons, beds or as we like to call for our pet.

So you know, do not sleep on land or on the couch like this for not having a bed in conditions!!!