Homemade trap planarians

Planarians are small tenants of gambarios not always desired ... you really are a bit undesirable, especially when on the basis of power become a real pest. It is very unpleasant to see an army of planarians eating up to one of our beloved freshwater prawns.

Although it is not easy to exterminate them completely if we can reduce their population and with effort and dedication practically eradicate them.

There are ways to remove them, for instance by some male endler our gambario, will go planarians eating smaller, not larger, but in a few months there will be done a great job. The problem is that eats like a planarian could eat some of our shrimp zoeae, and this is an unwanted side effect and will surely try to avoid as far as possible.

We can as interpretaréis in the article drawing, make a simple homemade trap and remove many planarians, almost doing nothing.

We take a small plastic bottle and practice holes at the bottom, such as we can do with a hot needle, we type watering holes.

After'll get into some fat bottle piedas to not float a piece of meat and a mussel ... whatever, possibly tied with a thread to one of the piedas inside the bottle so it does not float either .

This plastic bottle, with a minimum bury in the substrate and leave it on for one night on our gambario.

During that night, planarians, hundreds or perhaps thousands attracted by the smell of dead meat is introduced into the bottle through the holes that have practiced, while our Shrimp sleep peacefully.

When we get up in the morning proceed to remove that bottle aquarium with all who have decided to end planarians in the trash.

It is important not to see the filth that haceis house with aquarium, because it can end up leaving to be your hobby by popular vote ...

Good luck in this war gambarios planarians in freshwater.